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Seriously who?

When we travel, we don't follow roadmaps, we follow our 'love for food'. Always looking for new or just really good places to have breakfast, lunch, coffee, cocktails and dinner. One thing we've figured out? It takes time (read: blood, sweat and tears) to make a good 'food' planning. And that's exactly why we're here! You give us your do's and don'ts and we give you a personalized (Belgian) food tour. BTW. You don't have to tell your fellow travelers you didn't arrange it yourself, you can take all the credits! ;) 


So just sit back, relax and scroll down to get to know the Seriously Food Tailors-team.  

Charlotte, Margaux and Ann

Seriously Food Tailors

The Food Tailors


In her fifties, always smiling and running around but above all only serious about food. Ann is a busy PR boss who lives in Brussels and Knokke and loves to travel around the world. Wherever she goes, she is on the search for new -or old- but always authentic and great food experiences.

On the top of her list? The minimalistic but spicy Rebelle in Kortrijk

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Margaux owns a looooong list of to-do's in Brussels and she's always looking to add new discoveries. Trying out new addresses and new food concepts has become one of her favorite occupations! 



On the top of her list?
The Asian bistro Oldboy in Brussels.

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Is your middle name ‘Trendy’ and do you want to know about the newest hotspots in town but you have no idea where to go? No worries, Charlotte is here to help! Leuven, Antwerp, Ghent, … she knows their hidden gems like the back of her hand and will be happy to share them with you.


On the top of her list? Baracca in Leuven, Italian sharing dishes and some damn good wine!

Want to get up close and really personal?