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Let me tell you a story about shopping on a sunny Saturday morning in Corona times


My weekly shopping starts with a small problem. I forgot the trendy mask one of my best friends Maria José Sanz Cristia made. Luckily, I know how messy I am, and I have hidden one of the masks I got from my longtime loyal client Chang Ying Wu in the glove box of my car. OK I can leave my car now. The policeman who kept an eye on me smiles. He’s happy that I respect the law. In Woluwe SL where I live masks are obligatory while shopping and even in our shopping streets you need to wear them. I must admit that our mayor, who’s political standpoints I really don’t like, is doing a great job during this whole crisis. Protecting habitants in the best possible way. On my way thus with my mask to get birthday cakes at Les Tartes de Françoise. Tiramisu cake; (thx Evi Pantelis the best neighbor I could dream of for the inspo) & my absolute favo citron meringue! Back in my car on my way to the next shop. I know I should care about nature and bike, but my electrical bike is at my second home in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Yes, I am one of those rich bastards they talk about in the evening news. Why should I complain that I cannot go to my own place we worked hard for. Jealousy is something I hate. Just be happy with what you have and live your life at the fullest. In the meanwhile, I arrived LA PATTE NOIRE.. One of my favo shops in WSP. I can’t help myself, but I need to do my best not to laugh loud when I see the guy with his big mask. He looks like an alien. Is it not itching I wonder? Other clients look at me: come on order instead of talking. But that’s just why I shop at these little local shops. They know you; they serve you perfect food and you can have a little chat. But even in Corona times people seem not to have time. Nothing has changed… Leaving the store with my bag full of delicious bites I see Marleen. Since ever my flower lady. So, I cross the street to say hi, but apparently you can only walk in one direction. Sorry I was happy to see Marleen Creaflor back that I didn’t pay attention to the signs on the ground. A guy looked at me and shouted really loud ‘Mrs. you don’t have eyes in your head!’ So, it’s clear Corona has not turned us into friendly people. On the contrary, we are afraid from each other now. But luckily some things never change. Back in the car, I listen to the radio and Herman Konings, trendwatcher, still knows what future will bring us. Corona, so he says, has made people eat and live healthier. Strange conclusion, because most people around me seem to have the same problem as I do: too much food & wine. But WTF Jean from @comptoirdesvins is so happy to see me again. A bottle R de Ramatuelle. He still knows what I like. But Herman, you’re right, even I have taken healthy habits. Every morning I do half an hour of mediation. Thx Christelle Gofflot that you convinced me to join you in this adventure! And secondly I am very proud that I reach almost every day my 10k steps (something other people consider as normal…). Thx @westthespaniel who’s the perfect walking partner. OK. I arrived at my last stop of today. The bakery ‘la Boulangerie du Coin’. Just lovely people that still bake their own stuff. The bread is crispy & the owner has a big smile. But she is not wearing a mask. I wonder: should I ask why, should I tell her the police is checking... but I have learned one thing during these Corona times: keep your big mouth shot. So, I smiled back, ordered my Sunday morning breakfast cookies and whished her a nice Saturday! In my car RADIO JOE 106.1 FM plays a song from R.E.M ‘it’s the end of the world as we know it’. Would this be a sign?

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