Food experience

How does it work?

A local or international tourist and foodlover? Wanting to discover Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Liege or another Belgian city?

What foodlovers all have in common, we love to discover culinary places. And why not meet a Michelin star chef, visit a Belgian brewery or an award-winning cheese maker or learn how to take the perfect instapic? We'll help you organize the most exciting food experience in Belgium. 

You feel connected yet? reach out to us.

We're thrilled to start organizing your Belgian foodtrip and find inspiring places that match your budget.


What about €?

A tailored weekend. The price for our assistance starts from 150* euros and totally depends on your personal wishes.


What's included? 

-Your personalized food plan

-Reservations at the suggested restaurants

-Tips & Tricks for city must do's, events, festivals, ...

-Your personal guide: we're always available if you have any questions! 


*prices may vary depending on your personal interest, ...

*Food itself is never included in the price